sometimes my boss just gets to me just ugh. like first of all he doesnt think mermaids are real. mermaids. like excuse me they are real and so is hogwarts fuck you.

second of all he doesn’t believe that racism is a system or that cultural appropriation is a bad thing. ??? so many things he says are borderline sexist but just BARELY so i can’t even call him out on it. and today he came in talkin bout like “yeah i’m against fat shaming but just saying. if you havent reached your full potential and you’re not happy you should do something about it and eat healthy and exercise.” he basically said it like “fat = unhappy u should fix that”. ok i get that you’re very health conscious but not everyone has the same priorities as you ok. some people have better things to do than chomp on bell peppers for breakfast

(YES he eats bell peppers (for BREAKFAST) and tomatoes WHOLE like they’re APPLES. he’s a paleo or some shit)

also he’s against plastic. PLASTIC. ok i know it’s bad for you. but dont be shaming me for using shampoo bottles and shopping at walmart. NOT ALL OF US CAN AFFORD TO BE FREAKIN CAVEMEN

my boss is a great guy he just talks so much sometimes i can’t

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